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Our long-time experience in cooperation with leading specialists in different fields of science, technique and medicine allowed us to develop and produce more than 1000 products names for 25 years.

While producing this wide assortment we are using just the newest materials and original and optimized technologies. Numerous innovations in management are showing that great importance, which INMASTERS company attaches to the scientific-and-research exploitations, which are met the highest requirements of the practice.Taking to the account current demands and market needs, INMASTERS company supplies the market with the wide assortment of modern and unique production.

In the 1970 scientists and surgeons from Kharkiv's Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopaedy together with the specialists of our company have developed the revolutionary stabilization systems of vertebra for that time, such as SVS - Set for Vertebra Stabilization, which have evolved into other stabilization systems.

In 2000, our native surgeons presented the other SYMMETRIC system for surgical treatment of scoliotic deformations and vertebra pathologies. According to the opinion of Prof. Shevchenko S.D. from Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology and Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, - SYMMETRIC system is the perfect solution for spinal surgery, which personified the latest achievements of engineering and technological thought of foreign and native specialists, who worked on its development.

In further development, SYMMETRIC system has evolved into the implants for the DIAMOND system, which is used for reconstructive operations on cervical part of the vertebra with posterior approach, during degenerative diseases of discs, traumas and tumors, revisions, and also system evolved into the implants for KEARNY system, which is used for stabilization of the thoracolumbar, lumbar and lumbosacral parts of the vertebra at degenerative diseases, traumas and tumors.

These systems are completed with unique set of titanium cages covered by ceramic, allowing to reduce the segments instability and degenerative spondylolisthesis. For these purposes our specialists have created and employed the special technologies of ion-plasmous, electrochemical and high-energy processing of titanium alloys, and tantalum films.

Since 2003 surgeons have been using the systems, created by INMASTERS, for talocrural and knee joint arthrodesis with bioceramic covering. Femoral, shoulder, and antibrachium endoprosthesis, which are developed in the year 2004 for oncology patients - are the subject of the special pride of the company. These joints have unique metal - ceramic bearing surfaces, and during their development the latest achievements in the field of ion-plasmous technologies have been used.

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