On the 8 th of June 1907, according to the decision of Mining Industry Council Convention of Southern Russia, the Medical-Mechanical Institute has been established. According to the plan, the Institute intended to serve in the interests of mine owners.

On Mikhailo Ivianovich Sytenko own initiative, the experimental prosthetic and orthopedic workshop has been established in the structure of the Institute, and for a long period of time Institute stayed almost as a single special center of traumatology and orthopedics in Ukraine.

Further, Institute was reorganized into Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopeady named by M.I. Sytenko, and direction of this Institute paid great attention to the workshops’ further development.

The significant development in former soviet time workshop has reached under the guidance of A. A. Korzh. According to the order of Ministry of Health USSR №175 from 16.03.79 the workshop was reorganized into self-supporting workshop, but since 1981 self-supporting research workshop became an independent legal entity.

At present, workshop was reorganized into "INMASTERS" Ltd., and following the traditions of Ukrainian school, has chosen the innovational way of development, having reserved the trade mark of ". Design Bureau named by Prof. M. I Sytenko " company is famous and well-known far beyond the limits of Ukraine.

Historical photos - Professor M.I.Sytenko
Professor M.I.Sytenko
Historical photos - Academician А.А.Korzh
Academician А.А.Korzh
Historical photos - M.I.Sytenko holds consultative parsing patients (photo of 1926 year)
M.I.Sytenko holds consultative parsing patients
Historical photos -  M.I.Sytenko with workers of an experimental prosthetic and orthopaedic workshop Institute near building (photo of 1929 year)
M.I.Sytenko with workers of an experimental prosthetic and orthopaedic workshop Institute
Historical photos - M.I.Sytenko with colleagues
M.I.Sytenko with colleagues

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